What does it mean to be responsible citizens in today’s global village? What are human rights and how can a global justice framework address issues ranging from income inequality to climate change to HIV/AIDS? In this interdisciplinary course, students will learn about globalization from a wide range of perspectives. They will also learn about theories of justice and examine a variety of worldviews (including their own) on human dignity and human rights, justice and fairness, and social responsibility. After examining numerous case studies related to global justice issues and articulating their own global justice framework, students will investigate a contemporary issue of global significance, examine the issue from the viewpoint of various local and global stakeholders, and create fact-based action plans directed toward addressing the problem. Systems of government, activists/nonprofits, business/for-profits, and social entrepreneurship will be analyzed as possible means of addressing these issues. The course utilizes a writing, reading, and discussion-intensive curriculum to sharpen students’ communication and critical thinking skills.