This capstone course for the pre-licensure student facilitates the transition from student to professional nurse. The roles, traits, and contributions of the nurse in leadership and managerial positions are explored. Conceptual aspects of power, problem solving, decision-making, effective communications, conflict resolution, delegation, team building, quality improvement, and patient safety are applied to a variety of situational contexts. The course is designed to facilitate student self-assessment of leadership and management abilities as they develop the necessary skills to enter and thrive within the professional nursing workplace. The capstone project and paper require the student to demonstrate the ability to integrate and synthesize learning from general education in the arts and sciences with nursing knowledge.

This course is an introduction to the development of an appreciation of art. Special emphasis is placed on methods, techniques, and terminology that relate to art as well as artists, cultures, and art movements throughout history.

This course is designed for students new to the Moodle learning management system.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Edit their user profile.
  2. Upload and manage private user files.
  3. Communicate with their instructor and peers.
  4. Participate in discussion forums.
  5. Submit assignments to assignment activities.
  6. Complete quizzes/exams.
  7. Access grades.