Explores processes of making public policy, including detection of public issues, consideration of alternatives, and adoption and implementation of solutions. Highlights major actors in the policy process, and the environment in which they work.

This course provides students with knowledge and skills to understand major policies that form the foundation of social welfare; analyze organizational, local, state, national, and international issues in social welfare policy and social service delivery; analyze and apply the results of policy research relevant to social service delivery; understand and demonstrate policy practice skills in regard to economic, political, and organizational systems, and use them to influence, formulate, and advocate for policy consistent with social work values; and identify financial, organizational, administrative, and planning processes required to deliver social services.

*important information about the textbook editions*

This course has been created using the 5th edition and therefore there are slight differences in the readings.  There has been editing done to meet this issue.  You will notice that in the discussions, reading are outlined based on the edition.