This course examines policies relevant to social work practice, including health and mental health policy, and agency-level policy within the context of state- and federal-level policy. Students will utilize a policy practice model to complete policy research projects relevant to social work practice.

This course will prepare the student to do planning, administration, and organizing in social service agencies. This is an advanced practice course that deals with a broad range of material related to macro practice (planning, administration and organizing). It follows a sequential series of topics, as they would be encountered in a project development or program change cycle. Students will be exposed to many of the practice tasks that administrators must deal with to perform their roles effectively. Effectiveness, efficiency, and client satisfaction are dependent on the quality of agency and program administration. Because most graduates typically will find themselves in administrative and supervisory roles as they advance in the field, a working knowledge of macro practice is critical.

Students will also learn about social justice as an organizing framework in social work, the nature of oppression, and ways by which to advocate for social justice.